Thursday, November 29, 2007

as you can see dayjob 2 is finished. there will most likely be a primiere for it at nation sometime soon. the trailor for the video will be in there along with another unamed protoype/am:pm colaboration project.

heres the final lineup for the video
joey piazza, dave occasio, queens, oba stanley, chris neighbors, phil bin, union sq/bk banks piece with guest appearances by team snoff, wayen perry, team x, and wormz

superfly of superbmx has also finished work on his video wich he has been working on for the last couple yrs. "fri december 28th. 9pm-midnight. pioneer theater east 3rd st. btween ave A&B. 2 showings. all other info is on"
from the man himself.

thats it for now. peace

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m said...

linda rocks!