Wednesday, November 07, 2007

nah i dont think so.
its starting to get a little chilly in nyc meaning things are going to be slowing down alot. filming/and a lot of riding are on winter shift meaning the only time you can ride and plan on anything getting done on weekdays will be bewtween 10am-530pm followed by heavy sessions at front st.
as for the weekends, saturdays are for chillen. saturday nights for getting loose and sundays we are closed.
your mom's a hoe
maybe someday il figure out how to post pics right side up and put up some spots that not alot of people know about. i doubt it though. i just wasted the last 2 hrd of my life trying to figure it out
minor editing sessions have been going down and dave occasios (sorry i still cant figure out how to upload photos) part is nearly finished, if that counts for anything
i know i keep saying il post a trailer/clips/whatever but i never get around to it. this time is no different.
check back next week sometime. peace bitches

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