Tuesday, December 18, 2007

somehow while looking up something on surveying and engineering i lost focus and wandered off on google. one link led to another and i found this http://thecomeupinterviews.blogspot.com/2007/01/launchpad-interview.html
guess ill throw a little update so were all on the same page
the last 2 weeks produced a total clip count of 0. nigel and brad went to the middle east for the xgames where they both held it down and made top 10. negotiations are in the works on trying to get a team piff (nigel/ralfy) section in the video.
japan may or may not be happening in january. italy/france will be happening in the spring. nickellback may or may not be getting married (good luck). cantstopthekicks/front st. feature film is in pre production stages. music video from bay are heads "the pack" will be up and on the internet soon. i mention that because i had a part in filming. wild scene. should be good. tentative new yrs eve bash at union sq.animal iv. skapegoat projects. & ride insight. the comeup dvd should be finished by now.

thats about it for now. stay up and keep warm. its a cold world out there

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