Monday, October 08, 2007

so its been about a month since the last post. i cant really say ive been busy so i havent had time to post anything. just to lazy and unmotivated. either way...
been in the streets heavy for the last couple weeks rounding up footage for a couple different projects, none of wich il name here at this moment
going to australia for 2 weeks with brad "whore" simms to turn that country right side up and hopefully plant some seeds while on the other side of the planet.
after that there some redbull jumpoff that may or may not be going down at the end of the month mr. X is the brains behind that and ed polio is creating the odsticles. official
word on the streets is a few guys are planning to spend a month in an undisclosed city to put in work on a next video project that may drop early '09.
thats it for now. keep your head up and your eye open and check back in about a month. for the 2/3 people that actually check this on the reg, il try to step my game up and come threw with some clips/raw footage/b roll. etc. of the video/what weve filmed so far.
go check out these other sites in the meantime
joey piazzas am:pm blog

il figure out how to link everything soon enough. peace

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