Wednesday, July 11, 2007

i finally figured out how to post on this. so heres the first update

check out for a 24hr feature with skinny.,7906/Fox-Pedal-to-the-Metal-Tour,1011/Losey,112
i dont know if i did that right. but it should be alink to a trailer for the fox pedal to the metal tour that went down last month here in ny/nj

the weather here in the city has been OD over the last 4/5 days, wih the temperture in the 90s and the humiidity making feel like a buck, or close to it. that and along with not really wanting to be out in it has kept the clip count down to 0 for the week.
expect some kind of trailer/commercial type thing at the end of the month

also im leaving going on a pitbull/bulldog bikes roadtrip tomarrow thats going to be heading up to new england. riders are chris neighbors, blackrob, rone williams, kevin from hoboken, skinny, and matt brown.

pictures and other random shit will be up soon in the mean time check out

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random ramblings etc said...

the 24 hr video was kinda funny.
you need to make your links... clickable...