Saturday, July 21, 2007

for those of you that dont or didnt know. i got hit by a car a couple nights ago on the way home.suffered some scrapes and bruises along with a little roadrash from sliding on my head. go check out for some of the story and a couple of pics.

with that said all filming on the video is pretty much on hold for the next month while i recover.
thanks to the weather this week being sketchy with off and on rain and me getting broke the clip count stayed at 0. and thats pretty much where its going to stay at until the end of august

the pittbull energydrink/bulldog bikes roadtrip should be up on vitalbnmx sometime next week along with a story in an upcoming issue of bmx plus! magazine

sometime next week ill put up a little rawfootage/outtake edit of the footage ive collected so far.

thats it for now. go out and do something

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