Monday, January 18, 2016


this posting was supposed to go up last week at some point (actually beginning of the month)
the idea behind it was to give you guys an idea of the cameras and gear I would be using
on a roadtrip to California that ended up turning into a vacation.
ended up filming 1 clip the entire time that is going to end up in a Instagram video for a tire.
so everything pretty much fits in this bag HERE. only wish that it was a little deeper,and that the side straps where a little thicker for a tripod.other then that great for everything and then some
up next we have these guys
starting lineup includes a Panasonic hpx170 for main camera/zoom shots.
Panasonic gh2 for camera 2 and fisheye shots. and a gopro hero 4 silver for those abstract artsy angles. batting 4th is a Panasonic gx7. picked this guy up on waivers to shoot the random lifestyle picture/behind the scenes bullshit and also could be used at night in combination with a couple of these lenses down below.

from left to right. Olympus f1.8 fisheye lens. I picked this guy up during the filming of "the animal house" back in October. superfast fisheye good in lowlight. next is the Panasonic 35-100 f2.8. good zoom range and nice in lowlight. next up is this guys little sister the 12-35 f2.8. these 2 are used mostly at night

last but not least is the Panasonic gx7 with a 20mm f1.7 pancake lens.
good for all around lurking,the random candid photo.also handy for 2nd or setup shots at night.
here we have almost everything laid out. manfrotto fluidhead tripod with carbon fiber legs. upgraded the rubber feet so its more stable and the extended handle (not shown) for smoother and easier panning and tilting. over that is the glidecam hd2000. I prefer using this over a eazyhandle v2 (daytime). sometimes the filmer board just doesn't cut it, and who doesn't like that floaty camera look anyway? next we have a couple joby gorilla tripods. one for hanging a dslr to get a angle in a hard to reach spot. a smaller one for the gopro with magnetic feet to snap on a gate or stormdoor..whatever.
and finally the filmer board. this is the 2nd filmer board we use. its smaller and lighter then the other we have.this is more the travel board.small fast light. tensor trucks, swiss bearings, ty evens filmer wheels.
7 1/2" board.
that's it for now, got lazy towards the end of typing this so if you fee I left anything out leave a comment or suggestion below.

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