Wednesday, October 09, 2013


tried something pretty basic, put my foot down wrong and wrapped my leg around my body tearing my acl in the process. this means a couple, two or three things.
1) cant ride my bike for somthing like 5/6 months
2) probably wont be able to film for 3/4 months
3) since nobody really is going to be filming anything with the staff (me) the footage that i do have will all go online over the next couple of months.

if we go back in time yes that is possible now, and READ THIS you will see that we set out a couple of years ago to start filming, editing, and put out a 2nd "full length" dvd. "out on bail"
now while nobody, including the people i wanted to be in the video, took anything serious, (got impatient, never returned calls, got hurt, had to work, go to school) that situation leaves us where we are today. 
the original plan was to have 6 of my friends and people that kill it riding bikes to have full parts and whatever other footage we came across on trips, people visiting, people tagging along, would go into the mandatory friends section. the original lineup changed, about 5/6 times.some people filmed more then most, some wanted to use footage for other things, some wanted to take the footage and do whatever with it, and some people just got tired of "waiting"
so basically what i am trying to say here is that pretty much the last 2 years 10 months,was a bust. what i have collected s far will be thrown online to be forgotten about 48 hours later (+/- 6hours) and as soon as i am able to pedal a bike again all new footage will be collected for "out on bail v2.1" 
now whenever all 6 of those individuals are satisfied with what they have. then will only then will "the video be finished"
in the mean time we plan on just putting shit out every 2/3 months to atleast make it seem like we are trying to do something. thanks for understanding.

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