Friday, September 28, 2012

some heat from ralphy ramos 

RALPHY RAMOS BASE EDIT from Base Brooklyn on Vimeo.
Ralphy is the man. He pretty much proves it with this short, but full of bangers edit. We couldn't be more proud to have him reppin' Base RALPHYLIFE!!! Filmed by Harrison Boyce and John Hicks.

 and a edit from the some of the base brooklyn crew from
a session at 5050skatepark in staten island

BASE Brooklyn @ 50/50 Skatepark from Base Brooklyn on Vimeo.
Here is a quick edit of the Base Team at the 50/50 Skatepark. Alberto Ramos,Pablo Nunez,Ralphy Ramos,Jose Castillo. FILMED BY @718VIDEO

have been busy filming with the base crew over the last month. Fir a team edit, look for something hopefully 
before the end of the yr

edit-this was floating around in the drafts folder for 2 weeks

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