Saturday, October 15, 2011

yeah man. been back from cali little over 2 weeks now. finally readjusted to the east coast (rain, long sleeves, hoodie, etc..) so anyway, yeah. we back man. YO WHAT UP SKINNY
Name, age, occupation?Karston "skinny damn you so fine" Tannis 
26,Artist, curator, Director.
Whats your current mailing address?C-76 
how long you been busting your gun?Just hit the 10 year anniversary! Started  to long before 9/11 hit. Feels like yesterday.
Havent seen you around in a  minute man, what you been up too? Been working on a few different things, trying to secure a future doing things I enjoy. I've been shooting photos, filming with the locals, cruising when I can. I've also been hand cuffin with the misses, hey boo!
Its chilly season now, how are you going to keep busy for the next 6 months? Besides the normal routine, I plan to take a trip to the west coast to hang with Barney and crew. They always make it fun. I also hope to visit some exotic international location, trying to catch up with B Simms in turkey.
Any sponsors or hookups? 
Definitely have to thank everyone that's hooked me up throughout the years. Animal, Volume, Front Street, Minority, Tip Plus, Base Brooklyn, Bulldog, Lotek, 718video, Dah Shop, Bicycle habitat, etc. Thank you guys for hooking a brother up
frame= Volume Drifter
fork= volume genesis
bars= animal piff2
stem/headset= animal
seat/seatpost clamp= animal, animal wedge
cranks sprocket & chain=primo, animal sprocky balboa  with animal pedals
wheels and pegs =primo cassette 8t, animal pegs + tires

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