Tuesday, October 25, 2011

i present to you, angelo loria

name, age and occuaption? angelo loria, going to school, and just riding.

where you from? staying in the brong right now, been living here all my life.
where do you ride at mostly, mullaly racetrack, or street? street and dirt mostly, and park sometimes.

where do you go to ride dirt here in the city? i usually go out to queens, or maybe go up to the heights. but if you want to jump some real jumps? go out to westchester.

how long you been fucking people up, how long you been riding? since i was like 14

what's the difference between the crew that you ride with now in 2011, and the crew you rode with in 2001? awe man i could say a bunch of shit. still riding with some people from back in the day though. back then it was more hardcore, nobody was gay. we didn't buy girls jeans and paint our rims pink. you know, back in the day, all black thing. keep it real. what more can i say

more hardcore, 35 stair gap, or 35 stair tailwhip? gapping it is way more real then a tailwhip, ill tell you that shit right now.

any sponsors or anybody hooking you up, anybody you would like to thank?. yeah, oba stanley, ben riding with him since day one, and all the real  OGs, dennis mccoy, butcher, gonz, matt hoffman, dave volker, ryan nyquist. alot of the guys i grew up watching id like to thank

frame = simple enigma frame v2.0
fork = simple
handlebars = T1 8.25 rise
brakes = tec77 lever, eastern cable, primo brakes
stem&headset = animal jumpoff over a fsa headset
frontwheel = alex wheel with primo tire with superstar hubguard
backwheel = alex wheel with animal tire
seat/post/clamp = animal clamp, primo seat and post
cranks/pedals/chain = primo powerbite, animal v2 sprocket w/ bashguard, nice pedals

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