Monday, September 12, 2011

what you see here in this fuzzy, grainy 3megapixel pic is what i belive to be the last copies of the video.
1,000 where made. i kept 400 for personal use and the intent to distribute. the other 600 where sold threw animal bikes. no wait....i think they might have 550 copies left. order HERE.

wich brings us to this next bit of news. since its been about a yr since the video dropped it's time we followed the tradition of uploading video parts. those of you who have been hiding under a rock or just started visiting the site would probably be interested in watching.
718video emmanuel torres from 718 Video on Vimeo.

lets take 5 minutes and get to know this guy a little better
name, age, occupation. Emmanuel Torres 22, Union Local 718
where you from?NYC
been riding bmx a long time?Long enough
any sponsors? Front Street NY, Flatline Shop, Crwwnd Industries, Minority Bike Co. 
whats your favorite spot? Edenwald projects. 
What part are you most particular about or do you feel makes the biggest difference on your bike? Spokes tight, rims straight, chain tight, bars high but not too high not like Brad, new pedals. I'm very particular about these things. 
whats your favorite grind?Switch unlucky, over. 
do you like life? That's a good question. I think I do. I should. I'm healthy, working and paying my taxes. 
do you remember how long it took to film everything in your first video part? From around the beginning of the year to Fall season we were able to collect enough footage to put my part together. 
was there anything you didnt get around to doing?,  something that you didnt get to film? No not that I can think of. We got to ride a bunch of stuff and I just wanted to hit all my spots by me. 
whats better online edit, or full video part? Any promos,commercials or trailers for a film should definitely go online. I think people should be able to see what they're spending their money on before they go out and buy something. 
ok, itl be cold soon. any trips planned to where the weather will be warm? Some bozos are talking about Dominican Republic for Fall, but if not I'll just exchange my vacation days for cash. 
oh yeah?. filming or working on any other jobsites or projects? I'm on strike. 
any last words? Jesus Saves. 
                                                                so whats your bike setup:

frame, fork, bars & stem =animal
headset and front wheel = animal
seat,seattube, and post = animal
cranks, pedals and sprocket = animal
backwheel & pegs = animal
any extras or modifications? =animal


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