Friday, September 23, 2011

stumbeled upon this gem at my friend eric's house here in cali. couple thigns are different  from the final edit. including this first friends mix here. couple things rearranged, rewritten and refilmed.
wich brings us to this guy here, the kid who had the last few clips, david occasio. im  not going to go on about how hes blah blah blah, and yadda yadda yadda. but 1 thing's for sure, and 2 things for certain, this kid has more bike control then anybody reading this thing, including you bob.

Name, age, occupation? David Ocasio, 26, Forest Restoration Technician
Where you from? Bronx
Been riding Bmx a long time? About 12 years
Any sponsors? Nope
Where you been hiding all this time? I’m in the forest working and on the road with my road bike.
What’s your favorite spot? Right now, its skate parks because everything is there. Ledges, banks, wedges, etc...
What’s up with those hub guards? Back in the day I always use to break my front spokes from grinding. I started out using the bottom of paint cans and then they came out with this fancy plastic stuff so I started using the g-sport ones.
What part are you most particular about or do you feel makes the biggest difference on 
your bike? It would probably be the rise of my handle bars. I always stuck with handlebars with a 7.25 rise, but I’ll use whatever I can get at the time.
Ever do a back flip? Nope, but one day I will.
What’s your favorite grind? Switch ice pick grinds.
You had some footage in the 718video. What happened there? It’s just some footage that has been sitting in your computer for a while waiting for the right time to be released.
Ok that’s enough, anybody you would like to thank? I would like to thank my family and wife for supporting my BMX addiction all these years, Jerry, Gary, Oba, Emmanuel, everyone else who filmed me over the years, anybody who has hooked me up with parts so I can continue riding, Everyone who has ever supported, rode, pushed, and motivated me over the years. Thanks.

Frame = Sunday first wave 20in 
Fork = Fit blade 
Bars/stem, headset = Simple bars, simple top load stem, volume bar ends, and FSA impact integrated headset.
Front wheel = Odyssey hazard 36 spoke 14mm with G-sport hub guards
Back wheel = Primo balance cassette 36 spoke 14mm
Tires = Animal GLH front and rear
Seat/post/clamp = McNeil pivotal seat and seat post, premium seat clamp.
Cranks/pedals/sprocket &chain = Primo hollow bites 175mm, Odyssey twisted pc, 28T KHE sprocket (I think), and shadow interlock chain
Pegs = Animal 4.5 inch (og)
Brakes = Dia-Tech hombres with Odyssey monolever medium brake lever with Odyssey slic cable
Anything modified? I cut my handlebars a half an inch, cut my seat post, and I had to put some pins from my old Jim cilenski magnesium pedals into my left odyssey twisted pc pedal. 

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