Friday, March 21, 2008

so heres the deal. eman was out riding one of his local spots when the boys rolled up. during the typical harrasment something went wrong and he ended up getting arrested/written up and his bike was confiscated and is being held as "evidence". so hes going to be down and out uintil his court hearing wich is next month.

speaking of down and out chris neighbors has preety much fallen off the face of the earth. he went down to va to log a couple clips about a month ago. from this sighting
it looks like he got caught up in some bad business and wont be back up here anytime soon... or maybe 2 weeks

roadtrip to europe with a couple heads is in the works, along with some kind of west coast trip in the summer. AM:PM/718 collaboration is in the works. along with 5 or 6 other things not including a casio and gary the original baby interviews. thats it for now.

for anything and everything important make sure to check out the links below. peace

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