Saturday, March 08, 2008

away messages/status mesages. pretty much there for 1 reason. to let people know when your "away" or "available" but then you have these people that OD. they write stories about there lives. they have to let you know what they are doing all day everyday, when they are sleeping, eating, shitting, getting dressed, bored at work etc. its gotten to the point where if anybody on my list has more 4 then words on their status message that they are taken off, because i dont feel like seeing/reading a book everytime i sent them a message and thats what replies. either way its annoying. had nothng to do and figured it post that.

the rain stops tonight/tomarrow is daylight savings time. i plan on celebrating by starting production on the video. eman has been signed onto the roster. check back for an update sometime next week.

insight is availabe so go cop that.
grindstate is down but not out for everything else go to skavenger front st,/canstoptheicks &am:pm.
peace bitches

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m said...

ultimate hater please teach me your ways!