Monday, January 21, 2008

nothing really going on. oba/neighbors are down in texas for a few more days riding and chillin. from the road reports ive been getting its more like chillin and getting kicked out of people houses. check skavenger,com for updates. word from wayne perry down in dc is that bRAD "muscle milk" simms is on dc flow, also hel be up in estonia next week for simple session.
skinny has also informed me that there will be a volume team trip to san fran at the end of march. looks like SF is the place to be Mirraco/Fit already flew by so last summer. maybe castillo and glenn know something we dont. queens bike has been m.i.a hopefully he can piece together a new hoopty by the time full production begins on the video
today and this week temps in the low/mid 30s means no riding.
clip count holding steady at 4.
marlon europe bike check/bx spotumentary/something with joey piazza next update..maybe

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